Protect and Plunder!


InuYasha Season 6 - Episode 14

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Episode information


Mamore Soshite Ubaitore!




One Day, One Dream


Brand New World


Original Airdate

May 17, 2004

English Airdate

June 28, 2006 (Adult Swim)


(no credits available)

Protect and Plunder! is the one hundred fifty-second episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Tekkei tells Princess Abi of a suspicious castle that Naraku's demons are merely passing over in their search for Saint Hijiri; Abi and her demon birds attack the castle.
  2. The Infant is at the castle, and Kohaku has been sent there to protect it.
  3. Inuyasha's group also investigate the castle; Inuyasha battles with Abi and Sango races after Kohaku after Kagome tells her that she senses his Shikon no Tama shard.
  4. Naraku orders Kohaku to take the Infant, and kill anyone and everyone in his way.



Protect and Plunder!

Princess Abi speaks to her mother of the problems she has been plagued with since Naraku's appearance. Her mother mentions a castle that has a connection to Naraku, and suggests that her daughter attack it.

Kohaku and Kanna live at the castle with the infant to guard and protect it.

Kagura and Hakudōshi see Princess Abi and her demons passing them. Hakudōshi sends Kagura to follow and watch. Kagura sees Abi order her bird demons to destroy the Saimyōshō that follow her.

Kagome and Sango see Princess Abi's birds heading to a nearby castle. As they approach, Kagome senses Kohaku's jewel shard. Kohaku is trying to protect the infant from the demons, along with the armsmen of the castle.

While Sango and Kirara seek out Kohaku, Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippō and Kagome battle Princess Abi and her bird demons. When Kanna reports that the castle has fallen, Naraku orders Kohaku to take the infant and kill everyone in his path.

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