Kohaku's Decision and Sango's Heart


InuYasha Season 6 - Episode 21

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Episode information


Kohaku no Ketsui to Sango no Kokoro






Brand New World


Original Airdate

July 12, 2004

English Airdate

October 13, 2006 (Adult Swim)

Kohaku's Decision and Sango's Heart is the one hundred fifty-ninth episode of the InuYasha anime.


Kohaku closes the shrine and grabs it and runs from Sango's attack. Miroku turns to fight the rat demons, but they are so focused on reaching their destination that they ignore him.

Inuyasha and Kagome are looking at the mayose tree when Hakudōshi arrives. He attaches some slug demons to the tree, and they begin to dissolve the tree. Inuyasha races to attack Hakudōshi while Kagome shoots the slugs with her arrows. Inuyasha hits Hakudōshi with his Wind Scar, but the pieces of Hakudōshi's flesh flee, leaving a warning behind: so long as Kikyō keeps running, Naraku will continue to attack. The tree's spell is weakening, so Inuyasha and Kagome hurry to slay the rest of the slugs.

Sango confronts Kohaku, while Miroku and Kirara try to deal with the rat demons. Inuyasha and Kagome slay the rest of the slugs, but the tree is no longer attracting the rat demons. They decide their only option is to destroy the shrine, and head for Sango and Miroku.

Kohaku struggles with Sango, and flees, but is attacked by rat demons. Sango saves Kohaku, but cannot break through the barrier around the shrine. She grabs Kohaku as they are both buried by rat demons. Kirara tries to pull them all free, but is overcome and is also buried by the demons. Inuyasha arrives as a sacred arrow breaks the barrier surrounding the shrine. Inuyasha destroys the shrine, and all of the rat demons disappear.

Kikyō is standing nearby, looking down, then leaves. Sango and Kohaku awake, injured but okay. With the Saimyōshō looking down, Kohaku runs away and is taken by Hakudōshi. Hakudōshi asks Kohaku who that woman (Sango) is and why she protected him, but - still pretending to have no memory - Kohaku claims not to know his sister.

Sango is recovering from her wounds; as she thinks about her brother's actions she cannot forgive him the evils he has committed, but is conflicted by her love for him.

Kikyō gives her helpers a piece of her hair and sends them off. She commits herself to finding Naraku.


  • Sango and Miroku 's relationship takes a very serious turn in this episode. From here on out, he is only rarely seen flirting with other women and often provides her with strong emotional support.
  • When Kirara pulls Sango and Kohaku out of the pile of Demon Rats and it closes in on them, her front right paw is her body's colour (creamy yellow) instead of black.
  • The position that Sango and Kohaku are in after the rats disperse is reminiscent of Episode 24 when they supposedly died in their first appearance.

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