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Naraku's True Identity Unveiled


InuYasha Season 1 - Episode 21

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Episode information


Naraku no Shinjitsu ni Semaru






Fukai Mori




Original Airdate

9 April 2001

English Airdate

28 December 2002 (Adult Swim)

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The Beads of Subjugation


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Naraku's True Identity Unveiled is the twenty-first episode of the InuYasha anime. It first aired in Japan on April 9, 2001.


  1. Inuyasha struggles against the empowered Rōyakan; Miroku notes that without Kagome by his side, Inuyasha's power is only a fraction of what it normally is.
  2. While out on a date with Hōjō, Kagome begins to worry about Inuyasha and the wounds he suffered against Sesshōmaru; she rushes back to the Bone-Eater's Well.
  3. Shippō is at the bottom of the well in the Feudal Era, with the Shikon no Tama shard, having been chased there by Rōyakan's wolves; the presence of the shard allows Kagome to return to the Feudal Era.
  4. Inuyasha and Naraku meet face to face; Naraku reveals to Inuyasha that he was born from Onigumo and was the one who indeed turned Kikyō and Inuyasha against one another 50 years ago, in the hopes of gaining the Shikon no Tama, defiling it in the process.


Consigning to the fact she cannot return to the past, Kagome goes on a date with Hojo. Miroku and Kaede attempt to protect an injured Inuyasha while Shippo tries to bring Kagome back to the past to save them. Naraku reveals he is responsible for pitting Kikyo and Inuyasha against each other in order to gain the Shikon Jewel.

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  • Episodes 21 and 22 originally aired together as a one hour special. The original Japanese version of Episode 21 is 5 minutes longer than the English version. Viz licensed the censored version of both episodes to fit with the standard time length as all the other normal episode are.

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