Enter Sango, the Demon Slayer


InuYasha Season 1 - Episode 24

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Episode information


Yōkaitaijiya, Sango Tōjō!


妖怪退治屋 珊瑚登場




Fukai Mori




Original Airdate

16 April 2001

English Airdate

15 January 2003 (Adult Swim)

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The Beads of Subjugation


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Enter Sango, the Demon Slayer is the twenty-fourth episode of the InuYasha anime. It first aired in Japan on April 23, 2001.


  1. A Demon Slayer named Sango is introduced; Sango, her brother Kohaku and their father go off on a mission to destroy a demon, as requested by a lord.
  2. The mission proves to be a trap, as the entire population of the demon slayer village is decimated by demons.
  3. In another layer of the trap, Kohaku is possessed by a spider demon and is forced to kill his father and comrades, and he injures Sango before he is killed himself.
  4. Naraku tells the surviving lord, Kagewaki Hitomi, that a half-demon named Inuyasha slaughtered the villagers in the demon slayer village; Sango overhears this and vows to destroy Inuyasha.


A band of demon exterminators head to a castle to defeat a demon. After they defeat the demon, Kohaku (A son of one of the exterminators) seemingly goes insane and kills the rest of the exterminators and is defeated by his sister, Sango. Because of her weakened state, she is easily persuaded by the prince of the castle that the one responsible for the tragic event is Inuyasha and gives her a jewel shard. She goes off, vowing revenge.

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  • Note that it is Inuyasha who insists on burying the dead villagers before going after the Sacred Jewel shards. Not Kagome nor Miroku; Inuyasha. With his exact words being, "First, let's bury the dead. Otherwise it'd be too cruel."
  • In the manga version, this episode doesn't happen till after the chapters of the "Fateful Night in Togenkyō" episodes.
  • During airing on Adult Swim this episode was titled, "Enter Sango, The Demon Exterminator".
  • The giant spider yōkai that the demon slayers battle is identical to the spider yōkai that was seemingly the leader of the demons who merged with Onigumo.

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