Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle!


InuYasha Season 2 - Episode 3

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Nusumareta Tessaiga Taiketsu Naraku no Shiro!


盗まれた鉄砕牙 対決 奈落の城




Fukai Mori




Original Airdate

11 June 2001

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The Beads of Subjugation

Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle! is the thirtieth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Sango brings the Tessaiga to Naraku, deciding that it is her only choice.
  2. Inuyasha and the others arrive at Naraku's castle, where Sango has been brutally attacked by Kohaku.
  3. With the group surrounded by a deadly miasma, Kagome purifies it with a Sacred arrow; she is able to damage Naraku with her arrow as well, causing the demon to flee.


Sango ponders whether or not to steal the Tessaiga, when Inuyasha awakes. They share brief words about how hard it can be to kill a former loved one, and Kagome, awake too, understands that Inuyasha sympathize with Sango over Kohaku because he feels her situation is the same as he and Kikyō, turned against each other by Naraku. Miroku then wakes up and warns everyone that they are surrounded. Indeed, countless demons attack, led by a Kohaku deprived of his memories and will by Naraku. Inuyasha fights the demons, then Kohaku, but refrains from killing him at Kagome's demand.

At everyone's surprise, Kohaku then talks, in a voice devoid of emotion he says that indeed he deserves to die, since he killed so many people, including his family and friends. He stabs himself to try and extract the Jewel shard from his back, but Sango yells at him not to do it and uses her Hiraikotsu to send the Tessaiga flying in the air. It falls back in her normal form of an old katana. Kohaku relents and flees with the demons to Naraku. Sango, still confused, wonders what to do. She then calls Kirara, seizes the Tessaiga and follows her brother, flying.

Sango steals Tessaiga

Sango brings Tessaiga to Naraku

While her friends follow her by scent, Sango goes to Naraku's castle. She confronts him and demand the return of her brother. She's even ready to throw her own weapon away to see Naraku. Naraku shows her Kohaku, but puts the blame on the Shikon Jewel for all the evil that happened. Enraged, Sango attacks, throwing the Tessaiga at Naraku and using her own concealed blade to slash him. He reveals himself to have borrowed the appearance of the young lord of the castle after killing him. Sango attacks again, but her blade breaks, leaving her unarmed and wounded. Kirara attacks Naraku, to no avail : his poison defeats her. Naraku then asks Sango to serve him : when she (obviously) refuses, he has her brother come and attack her. Kohaku commences on repeatedly attacking her with his Kusari Gama and wounds her severely, yet Sango continues to resist Naraku's offer to serve him. Suddenly, the Hiraikotsu comes back to Sango, seemingly due to Naraku's will : he doesn't want Sango's death so much as her corruption, which he would obtain if she kills her brother. But, light-headed, Sango realize that there's just no way she can kill her own loved brother, and renounces to pick her weapon. She falls before him, but then he seems to remember who she is, calling her his sister, and letting go of his weapon as Sango's friends arrive on the scene.

As Sango lay in Kagome's lap, recovering, Naraku wonders why she couldn't kill her brother. He seems unable to comprehend how one could love someone more than their own lives. Sango's friends, on the other hand, understand now perfectly well that Naraku isn't after meaningless death, but after the corruption which arise from mistrust and hatred between friends or family. Angered, Naraku attacks, surrounding them with poison. Sango gives her own mask to her brother : this act of selfless love purifies the Jewel shard embedded in his back. Said shard reminds Kagome that she can locate Naraku, even in the miasma, by the other Jewel shards in his possession. She fires sacred arrows at him, wounding him, to his astonishment. A violent wind arises, and he escapes with Kohaku in the confusion.

As the sun rises, Sango tries to leave her friends, feeling she's unworthy of their trust and might end up betraying them again, but they all say it's alright and continue to wish for her to stay in there group and fight Naraku. Upon hearing this Sango breaks down into tears and falls unto Kagome's lap hugging her. As she cries Kagome consoles her that everything will be alright, and they will both defeat Naraku and save her brother Kohaku.

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  • When Naraku(Kagewaki Hitomi in disguise) grabbed the Tessaiga, he wasn't affected by the anti-yõkai barrier. This could be directly inferred that he was merely a hanyõ, although the whole group didn't realize this until Koga's incident

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