The Wind Scar Fails


InuYasha Season 2 - Episode 15

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Yaburareta Kaze no Kizu




I Am






Original Airdate

3 September 2001

English Airdate

2 September 2003 (Adult Swim)

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The Beads of Subjugation


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The Wind Scar Fails is the forty-second episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Kanna's mirror has the ability to deflect an attack back at the attacker, such as Sango's Hiraikotsu and even Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu; Inuyasha is seriously wounded by the attack.
  2. Kanna's attempt to steal Kagome's soul proves ineffective, leading Naraku to wonder if it is because she has such a large soul.
  3. Naraku reveals that Kanna and Kagura are incarnations created from his being; Naraku shows Inuyasha's group the massive Shikon no Tama shard he has in his possession, which gave him the necessary power to create incarnations of himself, revealing that Kikyō gave him the shard that she had stolen from Kagome, shocking everyone.


Inuyasha against his own Wind Scar

Inuyasha against his own Wind Scar

Miroku is embarrassed by Koharu's predicament, and with his friends decides to leave her at a "safe place", but the village they encountered was attacked by a detachment of Naraku, Kanna of the Void (also Kanna of the Mirror). She sucked up the souls of the villagers in her mirror, threw back Hiraikotsu to Sango and sucked Kagome's and Koharu's souls as well. But Kagome's soul resist, Kanna can't pull it all out of her, and she leaves when Kagome resists. Meanwhile, Inuyasha battles Kagura of the Wind.

Kagura was upset at her previous defeat, which she attributes to Kagome's arrow. This time around, she intends to use Tessaiga's Wind Scar against it's very wielder. She willingly creates an opening for Inuyasha to use, and when he hits with the Wind Scar, Kanna, standing right in front of Kagura, deflects it and throws it back at Inuyasha, who gets badly hurts by his own attack. Naraku appears and gloats a bit about how Kagome's Jewel shards, brought to him by Kikyō, allowed him to create incarnations of himself such as Kagura and Kanna. He ponders a bit whether or not to spare Inuyasha's life, but when Kagura attacks, Kagome is able to shoot a protecting arrow in front of Inuyasha to save him. She then shoots an arrow at Kanna's Mirror, which overflows from the sheer power of her soul. Everyone's souls returns to their body. Miroku attacks with his Wind Tunnel, but Naraku escapes with his two incarnations.

As Inuyasha and his friends recover, Inuyasha wonders desperately why Kikyō seems to want him dead.

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