Sota's Brave Confession of Love


InuYasha Season 4 - Episode 8

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Episode information


Omoikitta Sōta no Kokuhaku




Owarinai Yume


Shinjitsu no Uta


(Anime Only)


Original Airdate

October 28, 2002

English Airdate

February 2, 2005 (Adult Swim)

Episode Statistics




Inuyasha uses the Tetsusaiga


(no credits available)

Sota's Brave Confession of Love (思いきった草太の告白) is the ninetieth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. After recovering from her cold, Kagome spends some time with Inuyasha in the modern era.
  2. Sōta tells them of a girl named Hitomi in his class, whom he has a crush on.
  3. After asking Inuyasha for advice and two failed attempts to tell Hitomi how he feels, Sōta finally tells her that he likes her and asks if she'll be his girlfriend, to which she replies that she will.



After Inuyasha nursed her and exam is over, Kagome went to the grocery store with Inuyasha and is feeling like being on a date. Suddenly, they see Sōta in the flower shop looking at the flowers. When he sees his classmate chatting with her friends and approaching, he instantly hides behind flowers to watch her in front of Kagome and Inuyasha who are also hiding. At the dinner, Sōta is looking gloomy and not feeling well. Sōta later in the evening wants to speak with Inuyasha. He questions Inuyasha about the relationship between him and Kagome and reveals, he has fallen in love with his classmate named Hitomi. Sōta asks Inuyasha to practice saying "I Love You" with him. Eventually, Kagome comes and hears Sōta declaring love to Inuyasha. At first, she's astonished but when Sōta explains, she laughs about his feelings for Hitomi. On the next day, Kagome plays cupid to her brother and dresses him as Conan. Later, he returns home saying Hitomi rejected him because he couldn't speak out his mind. Inuyasha helps him to learn Iron Reaver Soul Stealer but later, Inuyasha throws him out of the house because he never said anything to Hitomi saying not to come back until he tells her. In the evening, Sōta finally confesses love to Hitomi and she accepts it. They hug in front of (hidden) Inuyasha and Kagome who both blush. Sōta thanks them while they are departing for the feudal era.

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  • It is somehow strange as Inuyasha was allowed into the grocery store, since it is generally a policy that footwear been worn inside stores. [clarification needed]
  • In the episode there is an invisible cameo as Sōta is wearing the same clothes that Conan Edogawa wears in the anime Case Closed.

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