The Sacred Jewel Maker Part I


InuYasha Season 4 - Episode 12

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Episode information


Shikon no Tama o Tsukuru Mono (Zenpen)


四魂の玉を造る者 前編


Owarinai Yume


Shinjitsu no Uta


(Anime Only)


Original Airdate

December 2, 2002

English Airdate

February 14, 2005 (Adult Swim)

Episode Statistics




Inuyasha uses the Tetsusaiga


(no credits available)

The Sacred Jewel Maker Part I (四魂の玉を造る者 前編) is the ninety-fourth episode of the InuYasha anime.


  1. Inuyasha's gang meets a mysterious scholar named Izumo who knows about the history of the Shikon no Tama.
  2. The group come to learn that a demon named Orochidayū has been capturing humans in order to create a fake Shikon no Tama.
  3. They are attacked by a fearsome bull demon that wields a club that has numerous fake Shikon no Tamas imbedded within it.


The episode opened when Izumo, a young man who visited cave of Midoriko in Sango's village and ask her was it that beauty gave you power? Then he left. Meanwhile the gang had quiet realized when they encountered Izumo who chased down by demon who had Shikon jewel and killed by Inuyasha. But it turned out to be imitation jewels made by demons in order gain power. Izumo explains about he research and the creation of Shikon Jewel when battle between Midoriko and demons. Izumo join the gang and Kagome becomes friends with Izumo then meet boy named Shōsuke whose parents kidnapped by demons last night soon the demons came and Miroku used wind tunnel to sucked demons who turned be toxic of humans by Shikon Jewel then Kagome asked Izumo to take boy to safe place but they were kidnapped by monkey demon. The gang tried saved them but Kagome was kidnapped by bull demon after he used power to attacked the gang then vanished into thin air.

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