Fire bombs (火爆弾, ひばくだん, "Hibakudan") are weapons that various characters in the Inuyasha universe use. Mostly they're used as a means of evasion to help with speedy escapes, though on some occasions they can be a serious threat.

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Being a trickster demon, Shippō carries firebombs of his own; however, they are mostly the equivalent of fire-crackers, mostly used as a distraction by disorienting the enemy through their loud sound, and only cause minor damage.


Renkotsu Dynamite 117

Renkotsu holding firebombs.

Renkotsu of the Shichinintai was especially fond of fire, his main attack being the ability to spew flames from his mouth after drinking oil from his gourd.

After Ginkotsu's death, Renkotsu attempts to take Kōga's sacred jewel shards in order to increase his own strength so that he might defeat Bankotsu. However, after losing to Inuyasha in combat, Renkotsu gets desperate. He thought he could blow up Kōga and the others in a tight enclosed space, and survive the blast himself since he was revived by a Shikon jewel shard. Renkotsu lights two sticks of dynamite (though in the manga they're called firesticks, and in the anime firebombs), and Inuyasha tackles him away from Kōga and Kagome. Renkotsu throws the firebombs away at the last second out of fear for his own life.


The demon-ninja Suzaku used fire-bombs in an attempt to get the Ken blade for Hoshiyomi.

In an effort to take the Ken Blade from Akitoki, Genbu pushed boulders toward him. Then Suzaku, who was riding in a kite that resembled a hang-glider, proceeded to drop explosive fire-bombs on Akitoko after he was trapped by the boulders. One of the bombs almost blows Akitoki into bits, but Inuyasha uses his Tessaiga to save him. Kagome fires a sacred arrow at Suzaku, after which the demon ninjas decide to retreat. Interestingly, the firebombs that Suzaku uses look more like missiles than dynamite.