Fox Deity

Fox Deity
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Fox Deity

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Manga Debut

Chapter 333

InuYasha Anime

Episode 164

The Fox Deity was a three-tailed deity that was corrupted by a parasite.


When the fox deity became possessed by a parasite, he was running rampant in the village of his followers. Inuyasha his friends happened to come by and agreed to placate the beast. Inuyasha tied Shippō to a tree as bait to lure the the it out of hiding. The skies suddenly became clouded and the giant fox appeared before the. Surprisingly, though, it was planning to eat Shippō. Inuyasha was prepared to shred the larger fox with his claws, but the villagers beg him not to destroy it since they initially asked him to calm it down. Miroku told him that it was a fox deity. Sango also noted that it was possessed. Sango threw some nioidama pellets at the fox deity to weaken his sense of smell (which affected Inuyasha's as well). Miroku then threw three sacred sutras at it. This reddened it immobile and forced the parasite detaches itself from the deity's back. Sango finally destroyed it with her Hiraikotsu. The fox deity flew off to return to its shrine outside the village.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Cloud Manipulation: As the fox deity approaches the village, it is able to summon storm clouds around the entire area.
  • Flight: The fox deity is able to fly to and from the villager.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

  • Sango does not throw her nioidama pellets at the fox deity in the manga.


  • Although he is venerated by the villagers as a deity, this fox seems to be a yōkai and not a deity, since he was used as a host by a parasite (who only attacks yōkai) and the Sango and Miroku uses on it are normally effective on yōkai.