Fox magic (狐妖術, きつねようじゅつ, "Kitsune yōjutsu") is a type of magic used by kitsune. It allows them to produce a type of green fire which can inflict damage, create barriers and cause transformations, something that kitsune are especially known for. There is a rank system that indicates the capabilities of fox magic at different levels. Shippō employed a wide range of silly gags to confuse, distract, or annoy his foes, such as an enlarging spinning top, weeping mushrooms, and an adhesive statue to immobilize unsuspecting passersby, particularly Inuyasha. Shippō also demonstrated a remarkable ability to shapeshift into almost anyone or anything, from the monk Miroku to a bow or an albatross. Although Shippō's abilities do not contribute much in offensive capabilities to his friends' battles, they can sometimes provide an edge at a critical moment, as when he transformed into his giant balloon form to save Kagome from being killed by Menōmaru's energy blast or when he turned into a bow to help her defeat Kaguya or Hiten. Fox magic is rivaled by a Thunder Demon Tribe alternative known as thunder magic, which, while less widely used by this group of demons than fox magic is by kitsune, matches fox magic in strength. However, unlike kitsune, thunder yōkai cannot transform.


  • Mushrooms
  • Top
  • Toy Horse
  • Acorn
  • Leaf
  • Toy Snake
  • Snake Charms
  • Jizō Statue