Your rival is of the first-year, and has a lively disposition, a quiet guy like Hōjō is sure to fall into the trap of someone like her!


Girl of the first-year

Girl of the first-year

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c. 1984




Begins a relationship with Hōjō[Note 1]



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Eye color


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Dark brown


Manga Debut

Chapter 139

InuYasha Anime

Episode 38

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Mamiko Noto

English VA

Kelly Sheridan

The Girl of the first-year is a student of Kagome's school. She is revealed to have romantic feelings for Hōjō, and seen as a possible rival for Kagome by of her friends.


Soon after Kagome's fight with Inuyasha for defending Kōga,[1] she returned to the modern era, her friends, Ayumi, Yuka and Eri, informed her when she returned to school that a "girl of the first-year", who during her long absence because of "economy class syndrome" (one of the many fake illnesses invented by Grandpa Higurashi) is a rival towards Hōjō.[2]

They take Kagome and secretly they all spy on Hōjō and First-Year Girl at the parking lot.[2] Kagome's friends then reveal to her that Girl of the first-year has constantly been been around Hōjō recently, revealing she has romantic feelings him. While her friends believe that she is a rival towards Hōjō, Kagome remains uninterested. Kagome's friends then begin to suspect that she is already in a relationship with someone else.[2]

Hojo and Girl of the first-year episode 38

Hōjō and the girl of the first-year.

Later Hōjō, even if he is dating this girl for the first-year, invites Kagome to the movies the following Saturday. Kagome accepts the date, due to the pressure from her friends. Eventually though, Kagome later cancels the date as decides to return to the Feudal era to reconcile with Inuyasha. She then advises him to go to on a date with girl of the first-year, but Hōjō claims not to want to attend other girls, and cheerfully takes that statement of Kagome as a reaction of jealousy.[2]

Girl of the first year had not been seen since for the rest of the series after she made her first appearance. However, three years later, when Kagome left to live forever in the Feudal Era and married Inuyasha, she can be seen on the streets of Tokyo, dating Hōjō for an appointment to the cinema, which he asks what movie she would like to see.[3]

Physical descriptionEdit

The girl of the first-year has a short stature and is particularly pretty, wearing the robe of Kagome's school (first appearance), has brown eyes, and long brown hair dark, with his tail tied with a bow, and a few strands end that fall on the forehead. It brings with it a racket in a housing rose.



The girl of the first-year is clearly in love with Hōjō and tries to attend often, and Hōjō its presence does not seem to mind, although his main interest has always turned to Kagome.

Eri, Yuka, & Ayumi

According to friends of Kagome, the girl always being stuck at Hōjō will eventually change his mind in regard to Kagome, and then pull it away from her.

Kagome Higurashi

The fact that the girl of the first-year frequent Hōjō, Kagome is completely indifferent, much to incite Hōjō at invite her to the movies.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

Hojo and Girl of the first-year episode 26 FA

Hōjō and the girl of the first-year as they go to the movies.

  • In the manga, the girl of the first-year only appears in chapters 139 and 140 (in the latter, in a flashback while Kagome mentions in Hōjō). In the anime, she appears in analogous stories of these chapters in episode 38 with the only difference that in the manga, there is no Ayumi. However, in the final scenes of last episode of The Final Act, she is seen going to the movies with Hōjō. This scene does not exist in manga.
  • In the manga, she greats Hōjō while he is riding his bicycle. In the anime, she greats him while he is locking up his bicycle.


"Hello Hōjō-senpai!"
―Girl of the first-year[src]

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