My sisters, Kanna and Kagura, were just the opening acts; so Goshinki could make his debut.







Name meaning

Perceiving Minds/Mind Reading Demon[1]

Viz Manga


English TV


Biographical information


Created by Naraku, formed him out of his own flesh


Killed by Inuyasha



Physical information





Eye color

Red (Sclera)

Hair color


Skin color







Manga Debut

Chapter 154

InuYasha Anime

Episode 43

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Masaharu Satō

English VA

Michael Kopsa

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Goshinki (悟心鬼, ごしんき, "Perceiving Minds")[2] was a large, horned ogre yōkai with the ability to read minds, and was an incarnation of the Spider-Hanyō Naraku. He was extremely agile, powerful, and possessed teeth strong enough to break the Tessaiga, the fang of Tōga.


Goshinki's task was to slaughter an entire village to lure the badly wounded Inuyasha there. He was about to devour the village children Yuki and her brother before Inuyasha arrived and saved them. Using his ability to read minds, Goshinki countered Inuyasha's every attack, eventually seizing the Tessaiga in his fangs and shattering it into pieces. Though Inuyasha was near death, the absence of the Tessaiga allowed Inuyasha's yōkai blood to take over. Because in his full-yōkai form Inuyasha's only thoughts were the joy of killing, Goshinki was unable to read Inuyasha's mind which made him an easy kill. Inuyasha easily lopped off Goshinki's arm after this transformation, and soon he brutally tore Goshinki to shreds with his claws, leaving only his head behind.[3]

Later on, Inuyasha's half-brother Sesshōmaru had an evil yōkai sword named Tōkijin crafted by Kaijinbō from Goshinki's fangs. However, to make Goshinki's fangs purposeful in forging, Sesshōmaru used his Tenseiga to revive Goshinki's disembodied head, but he presumably died shortly after, if not immediately as his fang's quality has been restored but his head showed no response to being revived.


Goshinki is a rather cruel and destructive yōkai; he ferociously searches for the only surviving children of the village he massacred, insisting that he would slaughter everyone and everything (even the cows, chickens and horses) in the village, as he is ordered to do by Naraku.[3] When attacking his prey, Goshinki has a habit of toying with them; using his mind reading ability, Goshinki would often bring up exactly what the victim was thinking in order to frighten or unsettle them, such as when he coldly told the children he attacked that he had already devoured their parents, and that they should look inside his mouth to see for themselves.[3]

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Strength: Goshinki typically possesses enhanced strength for someone of size, able to easily defeat Inuyasha and fling him about whilst causing serious injuries.
  • Super Speed: Despite his size, Goshinki wields surprising agility, effectively dodging and countering Inuyasha's attacks. He leaves afterimages in his wake, much like Sesshōmaru.
  • Telepathic Prediction: Goshinki's most terrifying technique is the ability to invade other people's minds, reading their most inner thoughts to discover their weaknesses and counter any attack on him. However, Goshinki's power is ineffective against a full-demon Inuyasha due his thoughts being primitive with an absolute bloodlust.


"What's the meaning of this? His heart is completely different now, he has none of the indecision or sadness or fear of before. I sense only anger, and he delights in the thought of killing me."


  • Goshinki's powers are based on the yōkai Satori, who attacks his prey through similar mind-reading skills.
  • The last kanji in Goshinki's name, 鬼, can be translated as "Oni" or "Demon" which did resemble his oni-like physical appearance.
  • Goshinki is the first of Naraku's incarnations that gets killed.
  • He and Kagerōmaru are the only incarnations of Naraku to not have human forms.

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