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The Hōjō clan is an extended family of samurai. They are known for possessing two rare occult objects, the Naginata of Kenkon and the Celestial Robe, kept as family heirlooms, despite their power. The young heir to the Hōjō family name, Akitoki Hōjō, was tasked with the disposal of both objects when their existence became a threat to the family. In the case of Ken blade, the weapon's demonic aura was causing the Hōjō clan chronic misfortune, and so Akitoki was dispatched to purify the blade at Mount Hakurei. However, due to the mountain's destruction at the hands of Naraku, Hōjō sought the help of the miko Kaede, who advised Hōjō to purify the blade at Furai shrine. After some interference from Hoshiyomi and his demon ninjas, Hōjō was able to put the menace to rest. He was previously sent to throw the Celestial Robe into the crater of Mount Fuji and, similar to his earlier experience, after some interference from Princess Kaguya, was able to do so.

Notable members of the Hōjō clanEdit

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