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I'm still only an apprentice jewel maker.

—Hōsenki's son[src]

Hōsenki's son


Hōsenki no Musuko



Biographical information




Pearl maker

Physical information


Oyster Daiyōkai



Eye color


Hair color

Dark brown

Skin color

Light blue



Manga Debut

Chapter 298

InuYasha Anime

Episode 144

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Shiro Saito

English VA

Peter New

Hōsenki's son (宝仙鬼の息子, Hōsenki no Musuko) was an oyster daiyōkai. He took over his father's duty of creating black pearls, after his death.


Inuyasha was looking for a passage way to the Border of the Afterlife with the Black Pearl to find the last shard of the Shikon no Tama. Myōga told him that he needed to visit Hōsenki for that. As they reached Hōsenki's place, they were encounter by Hakudōshi who left soon after. When they arrived at Hōsenki's place, Myōga called out for him. A giant oyster appeared from a lake, and Hōsenki's son appeared in response. Hōsenki's son soon explained that his father had died recently. Inuyasha initially believed that Hōsenki was killed by Hakudoshi, but Hōsenki's son told him that he died of old age. Hōsenki's son explained that his father used all the jewels before he died (to make sure no one would try and rob Inuyasha's father's grave). He was currently in the process of making new jewels. Since Hōsenki's son was still an apprentice jewel-maker, he mentioned to Inuyasha and Kagome that they would need to wait about 100 years to get new pearls.

Physical descriptionEdit

Hosenki's son looked like a younger version of his father while he was alive. He was at least twice as tall as a human. He had light blue skin He had long brown hair and a moustache. He has 2 horns (that looked like coral) that protruded from each side of his forehead. His wardrobe consisted of a white robe. He also carried a staff.


Hōsenki's son was well mannered and polite. He was willing to let Inuyasha and his friends use his jewels once they were completed. His personality and interactions with Inuyasha imply that his father raised him to be amicable, generous, and deferential in the presence of the son of his old friend. Given the Inu no Taisho's tendency to make friends with well-mannered and kindly demons, Honsenki's son seems to indicate a similar pattern in behavior.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

He has the ability to create jewels that could transport people to and from the netherworld, but he is not as skilled as his father. It is unknown what other abilities he has.

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