Haku (, "Soul") is the animation (or life force) of a body that is possessed by both humans and demons alike. Demons and humans that are animated by haku (or become haku puppets) do not have a soul, they are simply animated beings who are alive and are able to move. Haku was first introduced by a demon that devoured other being's haku; Hakudōshi killed this demon, and took the haku that it had devoured. Hakudōshi used this haku to animate the bodies of different, malformed, demons that he was creating. None of these demons were sufficient, however, and each of them were easily killed by Inuyasha and Kōga's groups respectively. Hakudōshi was finally able to create a suitable and effective haku puppet, it was Mōryōmaru; Mōryōmaru had no soul or emotion, like all other haku puppets, until the infant was placed inside of him, which gave him a soul.

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