The Higurashi Family is an extended family of Shintō priests of many generations. The head of family is Grandpa Higurashi. Little is known about their history except that Mr Higurashi and Grandmother Higurashi were killed in a car accident leaving Grandpa alone. Kagome's mother moved to the Higurashi Shrine so that grandfather wouldn't feel lonely. Inuyasha became a member of the Higurashi family when he married Kagome. Sōta, Kagome's younger brother, is a possible heir for being a Shintō priest.

Higurashi (日暮)
Family Grandpa  •  Grandma  •  Mr. Higurashi  •  Mama Higurashi  •  Kagome Higurashi  •  Sōta Higurashi  •  Buyo  •  Inuyasha
Places Higurashi shrine  •  Goshinboku  •  House  •  Storehouse  •  Wellhouse
Unique Items Mermaid scale  •  Sacred Sutras  •  Shikon Jewel keychains  •  Sō'unga

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