Higurashi storehouse

Higurashi storehouse

Higurashi kura



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Higurashi shrine, Tokyo, Japan


Grandpa Higurashi


Higurashi family

The Higurashi storehouse (日暮倉, "Higurashi kura") is a storage building located on the premises of the Higurashi shrine. It is used to store many arcane artifacts, such as a cursed Noh Mask and the demonic sword Sō'unga.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

  • In the manga, the Noh Mask Is not in the Higurashi storehouse at the beginning. In the anime, it causes to storehouse to catch on fire during its release.


  • The Higurashi family also has a separate white shed that they use to store away many ancient items.[1] It is possible that the storehouse by the shrine is used to store away only cursed items since many of them are seen covered with sacred sutras.[2][3]


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