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Higurashi wellhouse


Location information


Higurashi shrine, Tokyo, Japan


Grandpa Higurashi


Higurashi family

Higurashi Wellhouse is the wellhouse where the Bone-Eater's Well, which Kagome Higurashi uses to travel to Sengoku jidai, is located. Buyo wandered into this wellhouse, which was the catalyst for all of the events that followed; Kagome was looking for Buyo in the wellhouse, and was subsequently pulled into the Feudal Era through the Bone-Eater's Well by Mistress Centipede.

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Higurashi (日暮)
Family Grandpa  •  Grandma  •  Mr. Higurashi  •  Mama Higurashi  •  Kagome Higurashi  •  Sōta Higurashi  •  Buyo  •  Inuyasha
Places Higurashi shrine  •  Goshinboku  •  House  •  Storehouse  •  Wellhouse
Unique Items Mermaid scale  •  Sacred Sutras  •  Shikon Jewel keychains  •  Sō'unga

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