Hitomiko's master

Hitomiko's Master


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Killed by Naraku




Shintō priest

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Kagura Suzu



Hitomi shrine


Final Act Anime

Episode 16

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Kimiyoshi Kibe

English VA

Don Brown

Hitomiko's master (瞳子の先生) was a priest and Hitomiko's predecessor who was killed by Naraku.


When Hitomiko was a child fifteen years ago, she was confronted by Naraku. He tried to kill her with his miasma. It killed all of her friends, but she survived by putting up a barrier with her spiritual powers. Her master came rushing towards her. He told Hitomiko to run home and explained that person who was trying to kill her was a yōkai. He used his spiritual powers to attack Naraku, but it had no effect on him. Naraku then pushed him back with his demonic power. Hitomiko rushed towards him to see if he was alright. She got angry at Naraku and drove him away with her power. Her master exclaimed that he escaped. Hitomiko pleaded with him that he would be alright, but he was too inured to pull through. As he lay dying, he told Hitomiko that a great burden had been placed upon her due to her incredible spiritual powers that rivaled those of Kikyō. He gave Hitomiko his sacred bells and asked that she would promise to continue with her training since many yōkai would come after her. With his final breath, he stated that while she did not choose this fight, it was now hers. Hitomiko expressed great sorrow when he died.

Physical descriptionEdit

Hitomiko's master is an old man with gray hair and a goatee that curls at the end.


He wears the outfit of a traditional shinto priest. This includes a white robe called a jōe with a blue kimono underneath. He also wears a tate-eboshi over his head that is also part of a priest's outfit.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Spiritual Powers: Hitomiko's master possesses a fair amount of spiritual powers, but they are not as strong as her's and are no match against Naraku.


  • Kagura Suzu: He carries a Kagura Suzu with him. He passes them on to Hitomiko just before he dies.


  • Hitomiko's master is the last anime-exclusive character to be introduced into the series with any significance to the story.