This article is about Hyōga, the title of a moth yōkai leader. You may be looking for Hyōga, a one-time user of that title, his son, or the name of his clan.

The Hyōga (飛妖蛾, ひえうが) or, alternatively Lord Hyōga, was a hereditary title held by the leader of the Hyōga clan, a powerful family of moth demons. Upon becoming leader, he would forego the use of his name and simply be called "Hyōga"/"Lord Hyōga". Hyōga would only be called so upon the completion of the "clan succession ritual", during which the new Hyōga would inherit the combined power of all his ancestors, making him exponentially more powerful upon the assumption of his position. The only known Hyōgas were the last two, Menōmaru and his father, whose original name is unknown, as all of his most notable actions were performed after he became Hyōga.