This page is for requests for removal of user rights (Adminship or Bureaucratship).

Voting will last one week from the time of the submission of the request for user rights removal.

A user may only request to have another user's privileges revoked on the basis of inactivity; all admins who have been inactive for a period exceeding six months are eligible for having their adminship removed; for bureaucrats the period of inactivity must exceed one year.

Per voting policy, a majority will be established with at least 3 net votes in favor, with the added stipulation, for votes of this kind, that a majority of all active admins must also support the proposal. Voting is open only to registered users with 50 mainspace edits.

See here for an archive of previous requests.


[[Insert user name]] (1 admins + 0 users/1/0)Edit

Period of Inactivity:
One week deadline from first request, voting ends (insert date).


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