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Manga Debut

Chapter 141

InuYasha Anime

Episode 39

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Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

Kagura's fan (神楽のファン) is Kagura's primary weapon in the series. She does battle with a traditional fan both offensively and defensively, although her fighting style and powers border more so on the upfront-attacks. With her fan, she is able to call down a variety of wind-related powers, including and not limited to: summoning a large tornado, shooting out wind-blades, and resurrecting corpses as her personal puppets (Dance of the Dragon, Dance of Blades, and Dance of the Dead, respectively).

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dance Of Blades2
  • Dance of Blades (風刃の舞, ふうじんのまい, Fūjin no mai, "Dance of the Wind Blades"): Waves her fan directly at the enemy, creating a wind gust that morphs as it travels through the air into a plethora of crescent-shaped blades that can pierce through virtually anything. This is her most common attack.
  • Dance of the Dragon (竜蛇の舞, りゅうじゃのまい, Ryūja no mai, "Dance of the Dragon and Serpent"): This move summons several tornadoes to attack her enemies. They can pick up and throw opponents into the air as well as ripping them to shreds with massive wind power. It is her strongest attack and seems to be a bit weaker than Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu, however much weaker than his Bakuryūha, and was deflected by it on one or more occasions. In the manga, it is more simply called Dragon Dance.
  • Wind Gust (風突風, かぜとっぷう, "Kaze toppū"): Waves her fan rapidly to create a simple strong gust of wind to blow her enemies away, good for defensive purposes or attacks.
Dance of the Dead1

Dance of the dead on Kōga's wolf demon commands.

  • Dance of the Dead (屍骸舞, しかばねまい, Shikabane mai, "Corpse Dance"): Able to control corpses as if they were puppets, to either attack or distract enemies, or protect her from harm by utilizing them as shields. Since her victims are already dead, they are practically invincible, there being few ways to destroy them: slicing them into many small pieces, burning (although this is never actually witnessed) and of course distracting or injuring Kagura as she would then flee and the Dance of the Dead would end. When her control on her victims is released, they foam at the mouth and collapse.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

  • In the manga. nothing is left when Kagura disintegrated, possibly meaning the fan dissolved with her. The anime shows the fan remained in the field, where Kanna finds it before tossing it into a pond to bid farewell to Kagura.