Kagura Suzu

Hitomiko's weapon

Historical information


Creates yōkai barriers



Physical information






Manga Debut

Chapter 507

Final Act Anime

Episode 16

Kagura suzu, (神楽鈴; lit. "divine entertainment bells"), used in the kagura dances, are a three tier set of bells, suspended by coiled brass wires upon a hand held rod. The shape of the bells are thought to have been inspired from the fruits of the Japanese Magnolia (Michelia compressa).

According to the anime, Hitomiko's primary weapon, her Kagura suzu, was originally her deceased shinkan master's before his death, at which time he bequeathed it to her.


Hitomiko in the Anime, using her Kagura Suzu.

Hitomiko can use the Kagura suzu as a weapon; able to create barriers and to exterminate demons with it. When the bells were separated into their countless numbers, Hitomiko was still able to use them to keep enemy's away by throwing the bells, which created a barrier.

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