Kikyo opens the box

The Kikyō clone opens the box.

Kanade's comb box (奏の玉櫛箱, かなでのたまクシバコ, "Kanade no Tamakushi-bako") is a jeweled comb box which was used by the priestess Kanade to seal the Spheres of Power used by the Shitōshin.


The Shitōshin, along with an army of yōkai, invaded Hōraijima when it returned to the outside world. The priestess Kanade sealed up their true powers threw into the Cauldron of Resonance at the cost of her life. The Shitōshin corrupted the cauldron and sacrificed a hanyō on the island every 50 years to reclaim a small portion of their power. The box was eventually removed by Inuyasha when it was given to him by Kanade's spirit. The Shitōshin could sense that the box had been moved from the cauldron and decided to obtain it. Inuyasha lost the box after being confront by a replica of Kikyō that was under the Shitōshin's command. The replica Kikyō then used her spiritual power to open it and release the spheres.


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