Name meaning

Thick Sweet

Viz Manga


English TV


Physical information


Kawauso otter Yōkai



Eye color


Hair color



Skills information

  • Shapeshifting[Note 1]
  • Enhanced Strength


Manga Debut

Chapter 296

InuYasha Anime

Episode 143

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Miki Narahashi

English VA

Sharon Alexander

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Kanta (甘太, "Thick Sweet") is a young otter demon who bumped into Inuyasha while being chased by a headless demon. Like Shippō, he lost his father to the hands of a demon, in Kanta's case, Hakudōshi. Kanta has been carrying his father's head in hopes that, if he sticks it back onto his father's body, his father will live once more.

Accompanying the little otter, they eventually find the headless body of Kanta's father near Sesshōmaru. Kanta and Shippō quickly put the head back onto the body only to realize it's too late. Kanta despairs and cries for his father, invoking Shippō's grief over his own in sympathy. The fox begs Sesshōmaru on Kanta's behalf to revive Kanta's father with the Tenseiga but Sesshōmaru refuses, stating it has nothing to do with him. Before he can take his leave however the Tenseiga stirs, pushing Sesshōmaru to revive Kanta's father, who provides useful information.

The next day, Kanta and his father thank everyone for their help and Kanta and Shippō declare they'll always be friends before he and his father swim away in the river.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Shapeshifting: Seen only once, Kanta has the ability to shapeshift, in his case, into a human girl about Rin's age. Kanta was told by his father to take that form whenever he left the mountain because if he was in danger "some idiot would come to his rescue"; as was the case with Shippō.
  • Enhanced Strength: Although he may not look it, Kanta must be much stronger than his appearance gives away, as he is able to carry his father's head, which is even bigger than him, without any visible effort.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

  • In the manga, Kanta never shapeshifts as he does in the anime. He appears as a young otter the entire time.

Media appearancesEdit




  1. In the anime only

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