Kasumi Sennin

Kasumi Sennin (霞仙人, かすみせんにん, Mist of Sages, "Mist Saint") was a rare legendary sake made by the Sake Sennin on top of Mount Kasumidake. It was said that those who drank i felt as though they had ascended to heaven. All those who ventured to obtain it, however, were unsuccessful.


Miroku and they others believed that Mushin was going to die soon. They honored his request to obtain the Kasumi Sennin for him at Kasumidake. They flew on Hachiemon to reach their destination. They were surrounded by a dense fog of alcohol that made them drunk and began to fight among themselves. Miroku saw through this trap and sucked the fog into his Kazaana. It was then that they discovered the Sake Sennin that were hidden. After getting the sake, they go back to Mushin's temple and Miroku gave sake to his master while they talk. Mushin soon seemed to be dead when he dropped his sake cup. Miroku rushed over to him and spilled the jug that contained the rest of the sake. It was revealed tat Mushin has just fallen asleep and was not got to die after all.