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Wind scar
Inuyasha using the Kaze no Kizu
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Kaze no Kizu (風の傷, "Wind Scar") is a special technique and signature attack of the demon sword Tessaiga, currently wielded by Inuyasha.

This attack is accomplished by finding the rift, or scar, between two powerful yōkai auras of Tessaiga's wielder and the opposing demon. Once the rift is found, the wielder of Tessaiga can swing the sword into the rift, releasing a powerful energy wave that has the power to kill 100 yōkai in a single sweep.

Inuyasha used the Kaze no Kizu for the first time unintentionally when he was trying to save Miroku so he wouldn't use his Wind Tunnel. When the wielder becomes proficient enough, the Kaze no Kizu surrounds Tessaiga and can be used at will.

Kaze no kizu 2
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Built upon this attack is the more powerful attack called Bakuryūha. Inuyasha first used Bakuryūha while he was fighting Ryūkotsusei, the demon that Inuyasha's father sealed away. Inuyasha accidentally used Bakuryūha when he tried to use Kaze no Kizu. Defeating Ryūkotsusei resulted in Inuyasha's mastering of the Kaze no Kizu and Bakuryūha, thus making Kaze no Kizu usable even without considering the yōkai aura.

The Kaze no Kizu can only be performed if one uses the Tessaiga. The only exceptions are in stealing Tessaiga's power and absorbing it into one's own sword, as with Kanna's Mirror Demon, as well as the demon sword Dakki, which was wielded by a swordsmith named Tōshū.

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