Name meaning

Small Plum

English TV


Biographical information


Around 7-8 (Physical appearance)

Physical information





Eye color


Hair color



InuYasha Anime

Episode 91

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Yuri Shiratori

English VA

Tabitha St. Germain

Koume (小梅, こうめ, "Small Plum") is the second of Shippō's love interests. Koume finds Kuroro and helps take care of the twin-tailed cat demon although the rest of her village attempts to kill Kuroro.

History Edit

Koume is first introduced looking for Kuroro, a feline the same species as Kirara, she mistakes Kirara as Kuroro and puts a bell onto her. She runs from the angered villagers unknowingly telling Kirara and not Kuroro to run away also.

The girl was later seen looking for Kuroro once again, she was approached by Shippō who explains the feline she had put the bell on earlier was in fact Kirara and not Kuroro. She accepted Shippō's help introducing herself to Shippō as Koume.

Her and Shippō continued their search for Kuroro. She was startled by Shippō who was in the bush and then told by him that he didn't think Kuroro was there. She told Shippō Kuroro is going to have babies, Shippō promised her he'll find Kuroro and continued searching with her. Her and Shippõ are then approached by a horde of rats running towards them. Shippō carried her away on his back and run from the rats, Kuroro then appeared and protected the two attacking the rats.

Her and Shippō followed Kuroro, she questioned where Kuroro was taking them. Kuroro took the two into a cave where it is revealed Kuroro's kittens were safe. Koume told them to go back to the village, however the supposed healer was revealed to be a rat demon who followed Koume's scent. Kuroro ran off and Koume tried to go after her, however she was stopped by Shippō. Her and Shippō looked after the kittens for Kuroro.

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