Kuranosuke Takeda

Kuranosuke takeda

Takeda Kuranosuke



Viz Manga
  • Kuranosuke
  • Kuranosuke Takeda
  • Lord Takeda
  • The Runny Nose (Referred to as by Sango)
English TV
  • Kuranosuke Takeda
  • Lord Takeda
  • The Runny Nose (Referred to as by Sango)

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In the Takeda castle (Probably)






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Takeda castle


InuYasha Anime

Episode 78

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Mitsuru Miyamoto

English VA

Ted Cole

Kuranosuke Takeda (武田蔵乃介, たけだくらすけ, "Takeda Kuranosuke") is a lord who once hired the Inuyasha gang for a demon extermination. Ever since he laid eyes on Sango six years back when his father had called on the services of Sango's family, he had fallen in love with her and determined to marry her one day. He has been waiting for her to come back so he can convince her to do so.[1]

At the second meet, Kuranosuke immediately proposes to Sango, which makes Miroku silently jealous. He spends time trying to woo her into returning his feelings, repeatedly confessing his love and wishes for a happy life together. Despite his heartfelt attempts, Sango does not return his feelings. Miroku confronts Sango one night and simply bids his wishes for her happiness. Kuranosuke eventually figures out that Sango is actually in love with Miroku, and wishes the best for her as well (after she refuses his proposal).[1]


He tells Sango that if things ever go wrong with Miroku, he'll still be waiting and willing to do anything he can to help her.[1]

Quotes Edit

"It was a magnificent sight. You shined like a single white lily in the bloody battlefield. You were so awe inspiring!"
―Kuranosuke Takeda[src]
"The one who will become my you, Sango, and only you!"
―Kuranosuke Takeda[src]
"Don't call me "lord", just call me Kuranosuke. You can even call me Runny Nose if you liked."
―Kuranosuke Takeda[src]
"Sango...You know the kind of world we live in, there are few I can trust. Evil demons abound in mountains and rives, and mortals resort to trickery and betrayal. We call this world above hell, but I am not satisfied with how things are. That's why... I swore that at least the woman I spend my life with will be someone I love."
―Kuranosuke Takeda[src]
"Never mind. Say no more. I understand well how you feel. Go on, your friends are waiting you."
―Kuranosuke Takeda[src]
"Sango, I haven't given up yet."
―Kuranosuke Takeda[src]

Trivia Edit

  • His English voice actor, Ted Cole, voiced Tatewaki Kuno in Ranma ½, another Rumiko Takahashi series.
  • For Sango, Kuranosuke is known as "The Runny Nose".[1]
  • Kuranosuke is the lord of the Takeda Castle and probably of the Takeda clan in the series. which hints that he could be related to princess Tsuyu and probably Amari Nobunaga as he was a retainer of the Takeda clan.

References Edit

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