Lady of the Infant's castle

Lady of Akago's castle




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Killed by Kanna's mirror





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  • Son (deceased)


Manga Debut

Chapter 303

InuYasha Anime

Episode 149

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Kei Kobayashi

English VA

Rebecca Shoichet

The Lady of the Infant's castle (奥方, "Lady") was a beautiful young noblewoman whose child was stillborn. At that moment, Kanna was able to manipulate her into believing her child had survived in the form of the Infant.


The lady was giving birth to her future heir. When the birthing was over, she was anxious to see her child. Her servants sadly pronounced the baby as a stillborn. At that moment, everyone in the birthing room began to collapse and die except her. As the lady began to panic, she was approached by Kohaku and Kanna with the Infant. The plan was to have her raise the child while believing it was the same one she gave birth to. This was done as a means to protect the infant from begin destroyed. Her memory of the event began to disappear soon after.

While she was raising the child, she came across Kohaku while he wondered the palace grounds (his memories were erased as well). As soon as she saw him, she had a brief flashback of when she was approached by him with the infant, but it quickly passed. She acted as if nothing unusual happened.

Princess Abi later attacked the lady's estate and her minions begin to slaughter the inhabitants. Kohaku saved the lady before Abi's birds could kill her and her ladies in waiting. Unfortunately, Naraku took control of him, and ordered him to kill everyone. As Kohaku killed her servants, the lady could see that he was saddened by his actions, and asked him who was making him kill. It was at that moment that Sango arrived and confronted Kohaku. The lady was then able to escape from Kohaku only to be stopped a short time later by Kanna, who used her mirror to take the women's soul, killing her.

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