Lair of the wolf demon tribe

Yōrōzoku no sōkutsu



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Wolf yōkai

The Lair of the wolf demon tribe (妖狼族の巣窟, ようろうぞくのそうくつ, "Yōrōzoku no sōkutsu") was the home of the eastern Wolf yōkai tribe that Kōga was the leader of; it was located on a mountain behind a waterfall. Kōga brought Kagome to this lair after he kidnapped her in, where he was planning to keep her by his side because of her ability to sense the location of Shikon Jewel shards.


Yōkai Wolf Tribes
East Ginta  •  Hakkaku  •  Kōga
North Ayame  •  Kai  •  Shinta  •  Rōyō  •  Wolf elder  •  Wolf demon graveyard protector
Unique Places Lair of the wolf demon tribe  •  Wolf demon tribe graveyard
Unique Items Goraishi
Enemies Birds of Paradise  •  Naraku

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