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Please allow me to explain...We were following your instructions and we were about to bury the demon, suddenly the late master stopped us and gave us the new orders. We were instructed to make wood carvings of the bear demon and marked these tokens as an original keep saves in effort to restore the clan's finances. The wood carvings were soon followed by the big bear beans jam cakes, and the big bear towels, and the big bear coins...

—Servant of Takeda clan[src]

Lord of Takeda Castle

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Landowner of Arashi

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InuYasha Anime

Episode 78

Lord of Takeda Castle is the father of Kuranosuke Takeda and the landowner of Arashi. Six years ago, when his village was attacked by a Bear demon, he hired Sango's clan to execute the demon. Later it is revealed that he ordered the servants not to burn the demon's corpse against the instructions from the Yōkai taijiya.

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