Inu no Taisho in the Western Lands

Tōga establishing his dominion over the Western Lands.

The Lord of the Western Lands (西部の国の主, "Seibu no kuni no omo") was a position held by the Inu daiyōkai Tōga, who made the Saikoku region of Japan his domain and protected it from foreign invasion and policed the area as well, dealing with major threats such as Ryūkotsusei. After his death, the only possible successor to this role would have been Tōga's eldest son, Sesshōmaru. While Sesshōmaru often dealt with threats that his father had also faced, such as the Panther Tribe and the Shitōshin, he was nomadic, never claiming any territory or making one place his home, constantly roaming the countryside in search of power and strong opponents.