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Madame Exorcist

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Chapter 228

InuYasha Anime

Episode 85

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Toshiko Fujita

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Patti Allan

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Madame Exorcist (祓い屋, はらいや, Haraiya, "Exorcist") was an admittedly mediocre exorcist who first appears exorcising a weasel demon in a field. She helps Inuyasha and his group in cleansing a castle of an evil demon head which plagues its residents. She later runs into Inuyasha and his friends again and they work together to confront an "invisible" demon who is stealing from wealthy townspeople. Although Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Kagome and Shippō all believe the female exorcist to be a fraud, apparently, with the fallout from the destruction of Mount Hakurei, demons flooded out to wreak havoc on the people of Japan. This created a sizable demand for Madame Exorcist's services, and she tells them that she was forced to come out of retirement and has been kept quite busy by the large work load.


Madame Exorcist is a very vivacious old woman, who is highly aggressive towards demons and engages in every job she takes on with boundless energy. As an elderly person, she considers it her duty to criticize young people like Inuyasha and his friends, who she views as being inexperienced and naive. However, they view her as naive in turn, due to her inability to sense demonic auras and being an altogether questionably effective exorcist. Nevertheless, Madame Exorcist gets along very well with them, and is very social, though she has a bad habit of spraying Inuyasha with her salt whenever he does something she finds disagreeable. She also teases Sango and Miroku about their relationship.

Despite the view by Inuyasha's group that she is a fraud, Madame Exorcist apparently is unaware of her relative mediocrity, and genuinely believes that she is a legitimate and effective exorcist. Normal humans also are unaware that she is not a very capable exorcist, and one way or another she always earns her fee. Madame Exorcist has a genuine interest in helping people, and she believes that it is her duty and destiny to travel the country exorcising demons. She considers herself a serious professional, and views Inuyasha's group as "comrades", though they remain skeptical as to how powerful she actually is. Despite seeing herself as a capable exorcist, she takes her jobs seriously, and does not fall prey to overconfidence. As such, she is not above seeking outside help from others if she deems it necessary.

She is also a consummate businesswoman and her desire to help people is buttressed by her own robust profit-seeking tendencies. Even so, she is not greedy and is perfectly happy to split the profit from her jobs with Inuyasha's group when they help. In light of her inability to make effective use of her spiritual powers, her remarkable financial success as an exorcist leaves Inuyasha and his friends continually baffled.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Despite her negligible spiritual powers, not even being able to sense evil auras, Madame Exorcist has a certain level of competency that inadvertently makes her a useful exorcist.

  • Spiritual Powers: Despite the fact that Madame Exorcist has shown almost no skill in using her powers, she was immune to the paralyzing spell of the Oni's head, even though both Miroku and Sango were. If Madame Exorcist was truly a fraud, this would not be possible. The likely explanation is that though Madame Exorcist lacks spiritual perception, she herself is able to thwart demonic energy, rendering herself "blind" to it, which has equally positive and negative effects on her efficiency as an exorcist. For while her spiritual "blindness" means she cannot sense demonic auras or sense where demons might be hiding, she is remarkably unaffected by them. When Inuyasha and company arrive at Demon's Head Castle, the aura is so thick that it actually affects the mood of the group; Madame Exorcist, by contrast, remains in good spirits and says she senses nothing, baffling Inuyasha and his friends. Demonic powers also therefore do not affect her. In some ways, it could be considered that Madame Exorcist's spiritual powers create a sort of "barrier" around herself that prevents demonic energy from affecting her, but as a consequence, her powers remain locked inside, and her offensive capabilities as an exorcist are muted, though her resistance is impeccable.
  • Weapons: Madame Exorcist carries around a staff with many bells on top of it. Like Miroku's it can do significant damage to demons if it makes contact. However, despite her being in vigorous health for her age, she seems to have little proficiency in combat. She also carried around salt ash that could stun weak demons temporarily; if infused with greater spiritual power, such as by Miroku, it can be as powerful as a sacred sutra.
  • Concealing Talisman: Madame Exorcist has a charm that she claims can conceal someone's presence from detection by demons. While the accuracy of that claim is never directly proven, she and Shippō develop the novel idea of combining her talisman with his fox magic to render a person completely invisible. Because this innovative strategy is surprisingly successful, it is likely that the talisman does indeed have some inherent power and might be capable of producing the effects she had described (i.e. rendering someones "presence" undetectable, but not invisible). However, much like Madame Exorcist's salt ash, while the talisman may be legitimate, it is possible that it requires someone with control of their powers to activate effectively, such as Miroku with the salt ash or, in this case, Shippō. It is also unclear what Madame Exorcist meant by the talisman being able to conceal someone's "presence", and whether it referred to someone's aura or scent, as the only thing that it is specifically said to not do, is actually render someone completely invisible.

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