Mark of the Four War Gods


Mark of the War Gods when glowing

The Mark of the Shitōshin (四闘神の跡) is obtained if one of them scratches ones back. It causes one immense pain when glowing. When the mark is glowing, it means fifty years have passed, and it is time for a new sacrifice. If one possesses the mark, and goes to Hōrai Island, they will be unable to leave. Each mark represents a god, and each time a god is destroyed, a mark disappears. When all four marks have vanished, and all four gods are dead, the person who once bore the mark is now free to go.

InuYasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island
Hōraijima: Cauldron of Resonance  •  Mount Hōrai  •  Village
Objects: Jeweled comb box
War Gods: Gōra  •  Jūra  •  Kyōra  •  Ryūra
Weapons: Crimson Demon Fan  •  Fūjinga  •  Raijinga  •  Thunder Cannon
Miscellaneous: Kikyō clone  •  Spheres of Power
Island Natives
Hanyō: Ai  •  Asagi  •  Dai  •  Moegi  •  Roku  •  Shion
Humans: Lady Kanade
Marked by the Four War Gods
Outsiders: Inuyasha  •  Sesshōmaru

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