He had the hardest shell of any demon.







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Hades Beast

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Absorbed by Mōryōmaru



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Turtle yōkai



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  • Raimeihō

His turtle shell


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Chapter 400

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Episode 2

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Tadahisa Saizen

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Scott McNeil

Meiōjū (冥王獣, めいおうじゅう, "Hades Beast") was a turtle yōkai that possessed an shell impervious even to Inuyasha's Kongōsōha.

History Edit

Meiōjū was awakened after Mōryōmaru's flesh attached itself to him and was absorbed soon after. Mōryōmaru desired to use the yōkai's strong shell as a defense against his enemies, especially Naraku.

After Naraku absorbed Mōryōmaru, he made Meiōjū's shell a part of his body and used it to protect the Shikon no Tama.[1]

Physical description Edit

Meiōjū appears as a giant green turtle with a humanoid face. He pointed pointed ears, a set of fangs, blue marking under his eyes, a curved horn on his forehead, spiky dark green hair, and a small beard under his chin. His most prominent physical attribute is the large spiked shell oh his back.

Personality Edit

Meiōjū takes great pride in his shell and becomes infuriated after learning that a part of it was taken by humans.[2]

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Impenetrable Shell: The only attack known to have been able to breach this shell was Sesshōmaru's Sōryūha, though his sword Tōkijin broke as a result.[3]
  • Raimeihō (雷冥砲, らいめいほう, "Thunderclap Cannon"): A powerful attack which were spheres of black lightning.[2]
  • Flight: Meiōjū is capable of flying. He is able to travel in a cloud of yōki while in midair.[2]

Manga vs. Anime Edit

  • In the manga, Meiōjū was originally exterminated by a powerful monk long ago. After being brought back to life by a piece of Mōryōmaru's flesh, it assaulted a village in which his impenetrable armor was kept. Inuyasha initially believes that Meiōjū is an ally of Mōryōmaru since he is able to pick up his scent on him. Meiōjū, however, denies knowing Mōryōmaru. After several attempts, and with the help of Byakuya, Meiōjū manages to reabsorb his armor, and was hit by Inuyasha's Kongōsōha. However, under the control of Mōryōmaru, Meiōjū was devoured along with his shell and the power of the Kongōsōha as part of Mōryōmaru's plan. In the anime, Meiōjū was simply just revived and regenerated, only to be immediately devoured by Mōryōmaru in a quick scene. Furthermore, in the manga, Mōryōmaru was shown to be able to use Meiōjū's Raimeihō attack against Sesshōmaru and Kōga after devouring him. However, in the anime, this technique was never seen to be used by Meiōjū because he never fights.
  • Mōryōmaru is shown to be able to use Meiōjū's Raimeihō attack in the anime. It is never explicitly stated where he acquires the technique from since Meiōjū does not battle in the anime.

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