Name meaning

Ears of Thousand Miles

Physical information







Naraku (Briefly)


Manga Debut

Chapter 287

InuYasha Anime

Episode 127

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Junji Nishimura

English VA

David Kaye

Mimisenri (耳千里, みみせんり, "Ears of Thousand Miles") was an elderly yōkai who had very good hearing thus was said to be able to hear everything that happened all over the entire world. Naraku knew of Mimisenri and his ability thus made him part of his plan too by asking for the sage to help the hanyō to reveal the location of the final shard of the Shikon no Tama to him.


When Naraku appeared before Mimisenri, the large eared demon asked if Naraku planed to absorb him into his body so that he could hear things extraordinarily well too, but Naraku replied he had no interest in absorbing his filthy body. Mimisenri heard Naraku coming from "four miles away" and asks if he's seeking information on the Shikon shards, hearing from numerous demons that Naraku had gathered most of them. Naraku corrected him and said there is only one shard left he could not find, so Mimsenri strained his ears, listened for rumors on the jewel, and told Naraku that the final shard is in the Borderland between this world and the afterlife.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Mimisenri in the manga.

Mimisenri had the ability to hear everything that happened in the world, even under water, and possessed great wisdom because of this.


  • For some reason in the English dub of the Anime in the very first episode, he appeared in Episode 127: Don't Boil it! The Terrifying Dried up Demon with his first debut on screen with Naraku and spoke to him. Naraku addressed him with the wrong name and called him "Mimisendi" instead of the correct "Mimisenri". It is possible that it is less correct by saying "Mimisendi", but it is hard to tell in that particular part of the speech.
  • For some strange reason, Mimisenri appears along with Naraku and his minions in the opening "One Day, One Dream", despite only having a minor connection to him.
  • Mimisneri's name and his ability resembles to two character from the Chinese mythology; his name is the combination of 耳 (Mimi, "Ear") (adapted from 順風耳 Shùnfēng'ěr, "With the wind ear") and 千里 (Senri, "Thousand miles") (adapted from 千里眼 Qiānlǐyǎn, "Thousand miles eye"), his ability is the same as the Shunfeng Er.
  • His seiyū, Junji Nishimura, also worked on Rumiko Takahashi's previous series, such as Ranma ½ and Urusei Yatsura, as part of the production crew.

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