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Miroku's father (弥勒の父) was the son of Miyatsu and father of Miroku, the second monk in Miroku's line to inherit both a lecherous personality and the curse of the Kazaana from his father. Little is known about him.


When Miroku was still a young boy, he witnessed his father being killed after being sucked into his own wind tunnel, leaving him in the care of his late father's close friend, the lecherous monk Mushin.

During the StoryEdit

In an illusion cast by Naraku during the final battle, Sango and Miroku were taken back to this same moment in Miroku's childhood to witness the death of his father. This event planted the fear in Sango that her love, Miroku, would suffer the same violent fate.


Like all males in his family, Miroku's father had lecherous habits.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Kazaana: The Wind Tunnel is a curse placed upon his father by Naraku that is passed down through the male line in his family. The curse pierced the palm of the monk and resulted in a hole or void into another dimension which sucks everything into it, creating a terrible sucking wind in the process. The Wind Tunnel also suppresses some of his Spiritual Powers, as it was his father's power that Naraku feared.


  • Shakujō: In Japan, the Shakujō Staff is still used by monks, pilgrims, and practitioners of Shugendou (a school of Buddhism teaching spiritual practices in the mountains). A yamabushi or mountain priest may use it for magic or exorcism. In the Shingon and Tendai sects, the Shakujō is used as a ritual object in special ceremonies, much like the Tibetan Dorje.



Miroku witnessed his Father's death with horror. He tried to reach out to him before he died, but Mushin stopped him. Miroku often referred him as oyaji (親父, "dad"), an informal and rude way to describe him, rather using the formal wording chichi-ue (父上, "father") that is used by most Japanese people.

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