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Human Face Fruit

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Killed by Inuyasha[Note 1]



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Tree yōkai

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Bearing the human faced fruit



Tōkajin[Note 1]


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Chapter 79

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Episode 57

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Yukitoshi Hori

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Andrew Kavadas

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Ninmenka (人面果, にんめんくわ, "Human Face Fruit") was a demon fruit tree which devoured souls of people and turned them into human faced fruit. Tōkajin used these to try and achieve immortality.


When Tōkajin waits for the time for him to be sage, he sees a Shikon jewel shard and later complains that it cannot be eaten, so he throws the shard behind him. However, he accidentally threw the shard into Ninmenka, the demon fruit tree. Ninmenka speaks behind Tōkajin, thanking him for the shard and asks him if he wanted to be a sage.

Tōkajin answers yes, then Ninmenka orders Tōkajin to eat the human head peaches, in order to become a powerful sage. It was because of Tōkajin's shard that revived him and after a while a samurai had it shows that Tōkajin took Ninmenka's shard because Tōkajin was tired of Ninmenka's rude orders.

Ninmenka with Tokajin body

Ninmenka wrapped to the body of Tōkajin.

Tōkajin later loses his shards of the Sacred Jewel after Kagome hits him with a sacred arrow, and the shards come flying into Ninmenka and the tree absorbs them. As Inuyasha and Tōkajin fell off a cliff to their doom, Ninmenka catches them with its roots.

Ninmenka then devoured Tōkajin, and transformed itself into a large thorn root monster; the result was Touboku Ninmenka. Inuyasha then reverts to his half-demon form when the sun rises, and he easily destroys Ninmenka.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Energy Absorption: Ninmenka is able to feed off the blood of people by digging his thorns into their bodies. He in turn grows Ninmenka fruits off of the consumed energy. He was able to gain even more energy when consuming a Hanyō's blood.[2]
  • Ground Phasing: Ninmenka is able to pass through the grounds at speeds faster than the speed of gravity.[1]
  • Size Alteration: After consuming five jewel shards, Ninmenka was able to grow his body and increase and decrease the size of his body parts. He has grown his arms to lengths that allow him to wrap around Inuyasha's body several times.[1]

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

  • The Ninmenka has the ability to speak in the anime, but does not in the manga. In the anime, the human faced fruit that Ninmenka bears have the appearance of peach-like fruit with small human faces,[2] whereas in the manga the "fruit" that Ninmenka bears look like actual human heads.[3]
  • In the manga, Ninmenka is by a river at the base of the mountain where Tōkajin's temple is located. In the anime, it is on top of the mountain and right beside the temple.
  • In the anime, Ninmenka is destroyed by Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu. In the manga, the souls of the people that were trapped in Ninmenka by Tōkajin were able to move on to the afterlife after Tōkajin died.


  • Ninmenka is based off of the mythical tree Jinmenju. It is a tree from the mountain valleys of China that grows fruit in the form of human heads. This fruit is seen smiling or laughing, even when it has fallen off the tree.[4]

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