I'm the Lord of the Lake. I have come for Shima as promised.



Lord of the Lake



Name meaning

The Lord

English TV

Master of the Lake

Physical information


Catfish yōkai




Manga Debut

Chapter 344

InuYasha Anime

Episode 161

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū


English VA

Jason Simpson

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Nushi (主, ぬし, "The Lord") is the lord of a lake near Shima's house.


Two years ago, Shima was seriously sick since she was small, and Miroku gave her family some medicine that can cure her sickness. Miroku also told them to boil the medicine in pure water. Later, Shima's father took some water from Nushi's lake . Every time he took pure water from it, he would pray at the front of Nushi's temple for Shima to get well as soon as possible, and as thanks, he would do anything as long as Nushi was satisfied.

During the storyEdit

Sushi was a lord of a lake that wanted to marry Shima. At night before the wedding ceremony, Nushi appeared from the ground, and brings different kinds of wedding gifts at the front of Inuyasha, Kagome and Sango. Inuyasha intended to drive him away, but Shima's father revealed out the truth about the promise before. Shima's father said that he already made a promise to Nushi that he would let him marry his daughter.

After Shima heard the truth, she apologized to Nushi and explained that she already gave herself to Miroku two years ago. Enraged and depressed, he transformed into a giant catfish and goes on a rampage. He is stopped by Inuyasha, but he is still very upset.


After Sango heard the news of Miroku and Shima's "affair", she left the group. Later, Nushi took the advantage to kidnap Shima, intent on forcing her to become his bride. Sango saved Shima from danger, but Sango get caught by Nushi and he dragged her into the lake to make her his mistress. Miroku used his spiritual powers to defeat Nushi, and threatened to kill him if he touched Sango again.


Nushi was desperate, and didn't handle rejection very well. He's also childish, often crying or throwing tantrums when something didn't go his way.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight: Nushi can fly by riding and enormous yellow-orange colored cloud.
  • Transformation: Nushi can take on the form of a giant catfish, which is presumed to be his true form.


"Why? She clearly promised to be my bride!"
"Shima, I had faith in you..."
"No, we will live together at the bottom of the lake!"
"Woman, I'll take you to the bottom of the lake too and make you my mistress!"
"I-is she one of yours, too? I-I'm sorry."

Media appearancesEdit