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Oni (鬼, "Ogre") are hideous yōkai, usually wearing little to no clothing and possessing large claws, fangs, and horns. A notable exception to this rule is Urasue, a ogre sorceress. The Inu daiyōkai Sesshōmaru often rode on the shoulders of large, red oni over a hundred feet tall into battle, before he obtained the demon-sword Tōkijin.

Notable oniEdit

Yōkai Daiyōkai  •  Kappa  •  Kitsune  •  Nekomata  •  Ōmukade  •  Bakeitachi  •  Crow yōkai  •  Bird yōkai  •  Flea yōkai  •  Inu yōkai  •  Wolf yōkai  •  Spider yōkai  •  Mantis yōkai  •  Moth yōkai  •  Turtle yōkai  •  Rat yōkai  •  Tiger yōkai  •  Tree yōkai  •  Saimyōshō  •  Oni  •  Parasite  •  Steel Wasps
Other Hanyō  •  Human  •  Dragon  •  Shikigami  •  Shinidamachū

External linksEdit

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