The Panther Devas (豹猫四天王, へうねこしてんわう, Hyōneko Shiten'nō, "Leopard Cat Four Heavenly Kings") were the four strongest panther yōkai of the Panther tribe, aside from the Panther King. They consisted of Tōran, Karan, Shunran & Shūran.[1]

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  • Shiten'nō (四天王, "Four Heavenly Kings") is a common anime trope based on the guardian deities in Buddhism who protect the four cardinal directions. In anime, the term is usually used to describe a group of four powerful individuals who must be overcome by the protagonists. However, the four panther demons to whom this term is applied in InuYasha are never referred to as such in the series itself, with the name appearing only in the original Japanese episode title of Plot of the Panther Devas. Additionally, this seems to be a subverted trope, as the four panther demons are fairly weak except for Tōran, and the role as main antagonists for the story arc is later usurped by the Panther King himself. The Shitōshin are a much better example of this theme, though they are based off of the Four Celestial Animals, which is similar in concept to the Four Heavenly Kings.
  • Each member of the Panther Devas was named after one of the four Seasons and also possessed abilities based/themed on each Season they were representing.
  • All four members were humanoid panther yōkai.
  • Despite the fact that they were all panther yōkai, all four characters were rather resembling cat yōkai in their shape and attitude too. Hachiemon did also refer to them as 'Cat demons'.
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