Result of Shippo

The small incomplete character of "正" is can be seen at the bottom of Shippō's result. It (2 strokes) equals to 2 marks.

According to Miroku, rank means the different levels amongst nobles or the situation of gods. But in the world of kitsunes, it implies the ranks of fox magic. The ranks of fox magic consist of 30 positions.[1] Each rank limited 10 marks (which equal to two "正" kanji characters, one stroke equals to one mark). In case the participant succeeds in obtaining two "正", they will enter the next level.[2]

List of ranksEdit

This is the list of fox magic ranks which consist of kanji writing system, arranged from the highest rank to the lowest rank.

  • Senior First Rank (正一位)
  • Junior First Rank (從一位)

  • Senior Second Rank (正二位)
  • Junior Second Rank (從二位)

  • Senior Third Rank (正三位)
  • Junior Third Rank (從三位)

  • Upper Senior Forth Rank (正四位上)
  • Lower Senior Forth Rank (正四位下)
  • Upper Junior Forth Rank (從四位上)
  • Lower Junior Forth Rank (從四位下)

  • Upper Senior Fifth Rank (正五位上)
  • Lower Senoir Fifth Rank (正五位下)
  • Upper Junior Fifth Rank (從五位上)
  • Lower Junior Fifth Rank (從五位下)

  • Upper Senior Sixth Rank (正六位上)
  • Lower Senoir Sixth Rank (正六位下)
  • Upper Junior Sixth Rank (從六位上)
  • Lower Junior Sixth Rank (從六位下)

  • Upper Senior Seventh Rank (正七位上)
  • Lower Senoir Seventh Rank (正七位下)
  • Upper Junior Seventh Rank (從七位上)
  • Lower Junior Seventh Rank (從七位下)

  • Upper Senior Eighth Rank (正八位上)
  • Lower Senoir Eighth Rank (正八位下)
  • Upper Junior Eighth Rank (從八位上)
  • Lower Junior Eighth Rank (從八位下)

  • Upper Strong Novice (大初位上)
  • Lower Strong Novice (大初位下)
  • Upper Weak Novice (小初位上)
  • Lower Weak Novice (小初位下)

For those kitsunes who fail to upgrade their ranks, they will receive a 'fail' talisman with the kanji "不可".


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