Rin's village

Rin's Village


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Feudal Japan


Abandoned (villagers slaughtered)

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Rin's village (りんの村) was the village in which Rin was raised and where lived in a hut until she was not killed by the wolves of Kōga. The villagers disciplined her as they saw fit,[1][2] for she was an orphan and had no parents of her own.


Rin's Hut

Rin's hut in the village.

The appearance of a wolf yōkai whom had betrayed his clan leader Kōga ultimately doomed the village. Once Kōga had caught up to and eliminated the rebel yōkai, he allowed his wolves to feast on the human villagers. Everyone was killed and some were feasted on by the wolves. Rin, upon seeing the destruction of her village, ran into the nearby forest, hoping to escape the slaughter. However, she was too slow to evade capture, and was killed by a group of wolves who pursued her.[2]


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