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Dragon Man

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He was fatally wounded by Inuyasha's Bakuryūha and eventually killed off by Tōshū using his Dakki on him.



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  • Inscrutable self-protection (Through his dragon scaled skin)
  • Yōki absorption (With his shield)



Manga Debut

Chapter 386

Final Act Anime

Episode 4

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Hajime Iijima

English VA

Peter New

Ryūjin (竜人, りゅうじん, "Dragon Man") was a yōkai who commanded Tōshū the human swordsmith to create a Yōkai sword, "Dakki" for him and was later killed by the swordsmith, following the demonic blade's completion.

History Edit

He first appeared after he killed a couple of villagers while searching for Tōshū but then was quickly chased off by Inuyasha.[1] Tōshū claimed that he met Ryūjin a year ago while traveling through the remains of a battlefield, and that Ryūjin demanded that Tōshū forge a sword for him using his scales. It was later revealed that it was, in fact, Tōshū who'd offered to make the sword for Ryūjin, as Tōshū wanted to use Ryūjin's scales to make his sword the strongest in the world. To ensure that Tōshū complied with his demands, Ryūjin marked Tōshū's eye.

He appeared again after Inuyasha's group decided to protect Tōshū, and managed to repel Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu attack with his shield. His success lay in the fact that his shield was also made out of his scales, thus enabling it with the power to absorb yōkai energy. His weakness, however, was that parts of his body lacked scales, as he'd ripped them out to forge his weapons. Inuyasha breaks his shield and injured him heavily after he landed a direct strike with his Bakuryūha on Ryūjin. Ryūjin's body collapsed after Tessaiga's Bakuryūha slammed him into the ground but he didn't die by Inuyasha's attack.

As he was stroke down Sango and Miroku wondered why Ryūjin was even in need for a yōki absorbing sword such as the Dakki, when he already had his quite powerful shield which possessed the ability to absorb yōki too. Ryūjin listned to these words and answered to Sango's and Miroku's thought, that is wasn't actually his own idea to create a yōkai sword out of his own dragon scales. He continued telling the group about that Tōshū himself made the offer and asked if he could forge a sword for the dragon human. And just as Ryūjin eventually had revealed the truth about Dakki and the swordsmith Tōshū towards Inuyasha and his friends, Tōshū jumped into the scene and quickly rammed the Dakki's blade into Ryūjin's fatally wounded body to kill him and absorb the dragon's yōki so that Dakki would now turn into a full yōkai sword thus was finally completed at this point.

Weapons Edit

  • Ryūjin's shield: The shield that Ryūjin uses is the only weapon shown used by Ryūjin. The shield absorbs the demon power of attacks. It can reflect the attack. It is unknown who made Ryūjin's shield.

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References Edit

  1. InuYasha manga; Chapter 386
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