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Sake Sennin


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InuYasha Anime

Episode 135

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Sake Sennin (酒仙人, さけせんにん, "Sake Sages") are the dwarfs who own the legendary sake. They create sake fog on Kasumidake to intoxicate any intruders.


Miroku and the others believed that Mushin was going to die soon. They honored his request to obtain the Kasumi Sennin for him at Kasumidake. They flew on Hachiemon to reach their destination. As they climbed up the mountain, they sensed the presence of a yōkai.. They were surrounded by a dense fog of alcohol that made them drunk. Kagome started to sing as Shippō and Hachi transformed themselves to sing with her. Miroku warned that the fog is made of alcohol, but he started to get drunk from it. Sango, who wass also drunk, started to flirt with Inuyasha. Kagome became upset and used her "sit" commands on Inuyasha continuously. Sango also attacked Miroku for being a flirt with women. Miroku had no choice but to draw in the mist with his Kazaana. The Sake Sennin appeared from behind a rock and gave them the sake.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Sake Nebula: They can create a mist of sake, which they prepare to fight possible threats. It is a sake that makes both humans and yōkai drunk.