Monkey god




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Monkey God

English TV

Monkey God

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Ken, Bun, Gon


Manga Debut

Chapter 233

InuYasha Anime

Episode 88

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Ritsuo Sawa

English VA

William Samples

Sarugami (猿神, "Monkey God") was a deity who protected a village. He inhabited an orb called the go-shintai from time to time. He also had his own shrine. During a war his spirit servants took him out of his burning shrine in the go-shintai. They took him to the woods but saw some acorns and followed them leaving him behind. A villager found it and thought it was a it would do well as a pickle stone. He was then left in a barrel of vegetables in the village. With Inuyasha and his friends help his servants found him. After he was released he undid the spell his servants put on Inuyasha and congratulated Kagome for her investigation skills. He then said he sensed an evil aura (Naraku) fly over the village and go in the direction of the ushitora and suddenly vanished (Because of the barrier at Mount Hakurei where Naraku hid concealing himself to heal). Thanks to him, Inuyasha and his gang knew where to find Naraku which led them to Mount Hakurei.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

He was skilled at magic as he was the one who taught his spirit servants how to use their magic though not as well as him. He easily broke the boulder spell on Inuyasha and was able to sense Naraku's aura even though he was in the go-shintai and followed it all the way to the area close to Mount Hakurei.

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