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  • Satsuki's brother (Deceased)
  • Mother (Deceased)
  • Father (Deceased)



Shippō (Friend)


Manga Debut

Chapter 199

InuYasha Anime

Episode 55

Movie Debut

Affections Touching Across Time

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Yumi Ichihara

English VA

Caroline Chan

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Satsuki (五月, "May") was a girl who awaited the return of her elder brother, despite the fact that he was proclaimed dead in battle by the father of a fellow village child. She was a thief and a liar but that changed after she met Shippō. She was given a quartz, and made to believe that it was a Sacred Jewel fragment which would ensure his return. Kagome refers to Satsuki as Shippō's first love.

Eventually, after Shippō rescued her from the Lizard demon, she started to accept the truth that her brother was no longer in this world and moved on.[1]


Satsuki stayed in the house she shared with her brother after he left for war. Before he left, he gave her a Stone Flower, to ensure his return. He made her think it was a fragment of the Shikon no Tama. Satsuki then waited for her brother's return.

Before Satsuki and Shippō met, she was accused by three children for stealing. Shippō appears and scares the three kids away. Satsuki then introduces herself and shows Shippō the Stone flower her brother gave her. She then tells him that it is a Shikon Jewel fragment that grants any wish. She says she will use it to bring her brother back.


Satsuki meets Shippō.

Shippō takes Satsuki to the headman's house where Inuyasha and the others are and tells them that he found a Shikon fragment. Kagome goes over to Satsuki and asks to see the shard. After a minute or two, Satsuki then declares that Kagome had looked at it enough and that she was going home. After she left, Sango told Shippō that it was just a Stone Flower.

The lizard demon, in the disguise of Satsuki's brother, arrives in her hut. Satsuki went and told Shippō that her brother was back. They both arrive in the hut. Shippō sees Satsuki's brother's reflection and finds out that it was a lizard demon who's with her, and bids her to hurry and come with him. He then uses his Fox Magic for him and Satsuki to escape the hut. While Satsuki and Shippō were running, he noticed that the lizard demon was after them and told her to escape. She says that she wont leave Shippō behind, but he stays behind and lets her escape with his Toy Horse Running.

Satsuki then runs into Inuyasha and the others while Shippō fights the lizard demon. Inuyasha appears and was mistaken to be Shippō in a disguise. He then finishes off the lizard demon with a punch. Shippō gives Satsuki the remains of her Stone Flower, but she already decided that she will go live with the headman and told him that she knew all along that her brother was already dead. Satsuki thanked Shippō and was glad she met him. They both bid farewell.[1]

Satsuki in film

Satsuki appeared in the film credit.

She was last seen in Affections Touching Across Time when Shippō gave a rice ball to her.

Physical discriptionEdit

Satsuki was a young girl with big brown eyes and white skin. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail and has bangs that have slightly long locks in the sides of her head.

Satsuki wears a common kosode that is slightly extended exactly at her thighs. It had a pink color with lighter and darker square patterns. She wears a maroon sash that is tied at her back. She is always barefoot.


Satsuki was a kind and a friendly girl. When she first met Shippō, she offers him the dried persimmon that she stole. She believed that her brother would return even though she knew all along that her brother was already dead.


  • As the episode name suggests, Satsuki was the first girl out of three that Shippō developed an affection towards. The other two are Koume and Mizuki.
  • Satsuki was the only of the girls Shippō developed affection for that was seen in the manga.


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