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Name meaning

Blue dragon

Biographical information




Demon ninja

Physical information


Dragon yōkai



Eye color

Light orange

Hair color

Dark green

Skin color




Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku


InuYasha Anime

Episode 137

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Tadahisa Saizen

English VA

Colin Murdock

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Seiryū (青竜, "Blue dragon") is a reptilian demon who worked under Hoshiyomi to recover the Naginata of Kenkon. Seiryū and the other ninjas were eventually killed by Miroku's Kazaana. When he first appeared, he called himself Seiryū of the moon.


Seiryū appears to be impatient and violent, shown when he and the other ninjas were spying on Kagome Higurashi and Akitoki Hōjō, and he was more interested in killing them than actually taking the blade. It can also be assumed that he's a pervert, as when he was fighting Sango he went so far as to flirt with her and make sexual innuendos.

Physical descriptionEdit

Seiryū has scaly gray skin, with yellow eyes accented with dark markings. He wears a black shinobi shozoku with a mask. After his transformation, he has medium-length spiky dark green hair with a gray headband with a crescent moon in the forehead. He wears dark blue and black armor tied together with a lavender sash.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Shuriken: Seiryū had once used a shuriken to prevent Inuyasha from escaping.
  • Enhanced Speed: Seiryū moves so quickly that he appears as a shadow.
  • Demon Ninja Doppelganger Technique: The ninjas move so quickly they create shadow-like doppelgangers of themselves.
  • Demon Ninja Darkness Puppets: Seiryū had indirectly controlled one of the puppets created by Genbu.
  • Transformation: Seiryū changes his appearance in his fight with Sango. In this form, he has dark green hair. He doesn't use any of his other ninja techniques in this form.
  • Demon Ninja Battle Scales: Seiryū had lifted scales off his body and caused them to flurry about.
  • Demon Ninja Scale Storm: Seiryū launches his scales at his opponents. He used this move to trap Sango in a whirlwind of cutting scales.


"Look, those humans are defenseless. This is our chance to attack them and take the Ken blade!"
"I'm Seiryū of the moon. The pleasure's all mine."
"I'll tear apart the woman."
"You smell tasty, young miss."
"Let's kill them now and get it over with."
"Please do not worry. Rest assured. I shall take care of your body."


  • Hoshiyomi's four Ninja underlings are representations of the four Mythical Creatures of Chinese Culture: Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, and Turtle. The Shitōshin (Four war gods) of Hōraijima also share this likeness in their appearance. Also, the same four names are used for The Four Beasts, who were villains in the first season of the anime YuYu Hakusho.

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